Tenerife Wedding Packages

Because it is one of the most important days of your lives, the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying that moment together, where you will live every second with all the intensity and emotion you deserve, it is your day to shine and be happy, because Being comfortable and relaxed will make your guests have a wonderful time.

For all this to happen, you have to trust someone who will watch over your happiness, who will have everything under control, who will meticulously coordinate every detail so that that day is perfect. Who puts himself in your shoes and fully understands the importance of this great day.

With our extensive knowledge and experience in organizing weddings, we offer you a tailor-made service, whether you need support in the organization from the beginning and throughout the process, only coordination on the wedding day, or simply advice, contacts , ideas…You are in the right place!

These are our service packages for Weddings, but if you require a different service, we will be happy to listen to you and plan what you want together.

Wedding Packages

Full Wedding Planning

A full wedding service suits couples who want to customize all of the details and vision of their wedding day, but have the need of a full support of a wedding planner.

Ideal for couples who want to enjoy the organization process from the beginning.

They already have the date of the Wedding and an idea of ​​where and how they want it to take place, but they don’t want to stress with the preparations, or have to talk to many suppliers, or simply their busy lives and work schedules do not leave them time to plan in a relaxed way.

They are looking for someone who is capable of telling your love story as they have dreamed it, an excellent team of professionals who make it come true

Planning a spectacular wedding requires creative vision, meticulous attention to detail, and control over planning. Finding the perfect place, deciding on the most exquisite menu, designing the decoration and style, the floral arrangements, the lighting… With our comprehensive Planning service we take care of every detail of your Wedding and it is precisely what we know how to do best.

We only work with the best professionals in the sector, who have previously been evaluated to guarantee the best quality in product and service for our clients.

With this option you will be calm from the first moment, the nerves will only come on the day of the event, but only because of the emotion that living this unforgettable experience entails and because of the great step it represents in your relationship as a couple. We take care of the rest for you to enjoy!

Partial Wedding Planning

The partial wedding planning service is for couples who want to customize all the details and vision of their wedding day, but feel they need the partial support and experience of a wedding planner.

We have created this service thinking of those couples who wish to organize their own wedding and take care of everything, or who perhaps cannot afford to hire a wedding planner due to budget issues.

However, they need a person to tell them where to start, to provide them with the contact of the most recommended and reliable companies according to our criteria and to provide them with ideas on decoration, organization, styling, protocol, photography, gift ideas for guests. etc…

Surely if you are a bride (they are the ones that are most involved in the preparations) you will belong to one of the many Facebook groups and bridal forums where you try to resolve your doubts or vent about the preparations with other brides in your same situation.

Hiring this service, we will give you a better solution. You are going to belong to a private Facebook group where not only me, but also the best wedding professionals (hairdressers, photographers, pastry chefs, DJs, decorators, experts in wedding fashion, protocol… etc.) will advise you throughout the process and there will be some surprises.

You are going to belong to the best community of brides because we will give you the necessary tools so that wedding planning is a simple, fun task and save time and effort.

Wedding Day Management

The Wedding Day Management service is for couples who want to customize just the wedding day details but have the need of a full support and experience of a wedding planner.

This is a service in high demand by those couples who have had time to organize their wedding and have enjoyed it, but who value the importance of being calm that day, and delegate to us the coordination of their party and control of each and every one of the details that have been building his illusion.

It also happens that many couples without having much time and thinking that they can organize it themselves, months before the wedding are exhausted and nervous and decide to hand over the baton to us.

We recommend that this service be contracted a month or a month and a half before the wedding. We will have an interview with the couple, in which they will update us in great detail about what they have decided to do on that day and they will provide us with the contact of all the suppliers they have contracted. We will communicate with all of them to review all the timing and that nothing is missing.

On the big day we will be there to coordinate the entire event. We guarantee that the only task of the couple will be to say “I do” and enjoy their partner and the guests.

Marriage proposals

This is a question that implies a very important commitment, which is why we love that you come to us to help you make that moment magical, unique and unforgettable.

We present two alternatives to hire the organization of the proposal:

1- Full proposal planning: We will have a first contact so that you can tell us everything about your partner and your love story.

After knowing all the details, we will get to work, we will give free rein to our imagination and we will present you an incredible proposal, with all the details to make it a day that your partner will never forget.

Once you have approved our idea, we will begin to look for the place, the musicians, the flowers and everything that contributes to making that moment unforgettable.

2- Proposal coach: If you dream that your proposal will be magical and surprise your partner, but you have a limited budget, you can also count on us.

We do not want you to feel that your plans are frustrated for economic reasons and that you will not be able to do something special for your partner.

In this case we put our creative talent and our ideas at your disposal and after answering our questionnaire we will present our proposal and the contacts of the suppliers you can count on to make that day extraordinary.

We provide you with all the tools, our knowledge and contacts so that you can put it into operation.

Honeymoon planning

If you choose the Canary Islands to enjoy your honeymoon, but are looking for something different from what conventional travel agencies offer, we guarantee that from the moment you arrive at the airport you will enjoy a honeymoon beyond your expectations.

Each couple has their tastes and preferences. Some are more romantic, others more adventurous, cosmopolitan, they love gastronomy, nature, surprises, fashion…

Well, after having an interview with you and knowing your tastes, preferences, way of being and what you would like to do.

On this first married trip, we are going to prepare an itinerary in which you will hardly notice our presence, but we assure you that you will enjoy a transformative romantic experience.